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BBBoiler Welcomes Jano Sound aka Findclub

BBBoiler Welcomes Jano Sound - DJ and radio host, a true connoisseur of electronic music, founder of Findclub podcast series. Jano has been wandering the world of electronic music for more than 20 years. After 10 years of DJing in the clubs and playing at music festivals, Jano has fallen in love with magic of the radio, where he can play carefully chosen tunes. Listen to this special 1-hour guestmix created by Jano Sound for BBBoiler and read more about the artist's background.

About Jano Sound: Hello! Raised and living in Madrid until not long ago, I musically devoured most of Madrid's clubs, enriching myself with various musical styles. Melomaniac by nature. Currently living outside of Madrid having quality of life. Live and let live is my thought.

Blanka Barbara: You say you have been “wandering the world of electronics for more than 20 years”. When did your journey with electronic music start and why did you become a DJ?

Jano Sound: My interest in electronic music started at an early age, at 15 I was already going to the trendy clubs in Madrid. I was going to enjoy and discover that strange music that people said was crazy ... from the first moment my place was not on the dance floor but to be next to the DJ watching how he worked and wanting to be like them; From there I went on to buy his first records, mixer ... with the savings of a young boy.

BB: You focused on creating podcasts and being a radio DJ rather than playing in the clubs. Why did you choose this particular path?

JS: I was working for 10 years in clubs, festivals and raves all over Spain, I was starting to get tired of the promoters who "force" the DJ to put dance records without being able to develop a musical discourse that emits culture or novelty, they were only worried about making money and selling tickets instead of giving quality to your customers.

Radio is a magical place where you can enjoy, share and impart musical culture without being obliged to put the hits of the moment to make the public dance.

BB: Your podcasts as Findclub are musically very creative. What are you looking for in the track before deciding to buy the tune and play it in your mix?

JS: The records that are played in all Findclub podcasts are productions that have feeling, quality music with melodies or rhythms that can transport you according to the state of mind that listens to it from full happiness by closing your eyes and letting yourself go to a state of sadness that make you escape from it and feel that you float away from your worries.

Finding a style in Findclub is impossible, it can sound from a track down, deep, house, melodic, progressive house, techno ... you have to build a podcast with a story and that story is made up of a great variety of styles.

BB: You deliver mixes a few times a month for different podcast channels and radio stations. How many tracks do you have on your hard drive?

JS: Weekly I listen to a large number of albums, of which I select very few for Findclub, the rest is not that they are not quality, but that they make me feel and I discard them.

Knowing how many ... it is impossible to know.

An anecdote: my car broke down and the same day an external hard drive died ... I cared more about the loss of the music I had on the hard drive than paying for the car breakdown ...

BB: Which DJ would you like to swap places with for one day if you were given a chance and why?

JS: I have never had that thought and now stopping to think about it, I confirm that with none, each person has their way of being, thinking, feeling and what is seen in rrss can be different from reality, being a top ten or fame or heavenly places do not have to be compatible with happiness

If the question to my liking is: which DJ would you share one day with?

BB: What hopes, dreams and goals do you have for 2021 and further?

JS: In this year 2021 my musical purpose is to continue showing the world my podcasts, share my feelings, way of seeing life and make people who want to discover and follow my podcast enjoy, accompanied by the designs that I do reflecting those moments of life.

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