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BBBoiler Welcomes Odra

BBBoiler Welcomes Odra - very creative and skilled producer, DJ and label owner. His music is a combination of energetic and tech severity, electro melodiousness and deeper breath of atmospheric. Listen to a special 1-hour guestmix created by Odra and read more about the artist's inspirations and plans.

About Odra: Hi, I’m Odra, I live in Poland. I create my own interpretation of melodic techno and progressive house or something at the intersection of them. In my sets I mainly play my own tracks, remixes and special edits. My tracks have been played by Tale of Us, Colyn, Undercatt and many more.

Blanka Barbara: For many years you recorded atmospheric drum&bass under Radicall moniker. Then, you started producing melodic techno since 2018. How did you arrive to techno music and why this sub-genre?

Odra: I became fascinated with the techno after my first visit to Audioriver festival in 2009. I lost my mind to the sound of analog synhts, drum machines and progressive melodies. I tried to use my new approach in drum&bass, but quickly realized that there is no space for it in d&b formula. I was irritated by the limitations of d&b, where only sampling matters and I can’t use my composing and arrangement skills. I was slowly losing my heart for drum&bass, when I found a newly emerging melodic techno scene, which was much more musically interesting for me. I quit drum&bass after 18 years of struggle and decided to start all over again.

BB: Last year, you took part in a DJ competition at a prestigious club Smolna in Warsaw and you won. First of all – congratulations! And secondly – what can you tell us about this experience?

O: I took part in this competition to show my new music as Odra. By the way, I became a newcomer once again, fighting from the beginning for my position in a completely new environment. The feedback of the Smolna club audience confirmed that I do good, powerful things. I played a very honest personal set of just my songs. People felt the emotions and the whole thing was appreciated with a win. It gave me more energy to continue working and sticking to what I love.

BB: Who would your dream b2b partner be?

O: I have played several b2b sets in my life and it’s quite a difficult thing to make something more than just a combination of two styles. Good b2b is magic that has to be experienced to be believed. I won’t guess who would be fun to play 2b2 with, because I can be very wrong😊

BB: You are also a co-founder of Remodel Records. How is it for you to manage the label and what are your plans for it?

O: The idea behind the Remodel Records is very simple: create a platform to release our music on our terms. We started this label with Darktone because we wanted to create our own quality as a holistic concept. Darktone is responsible for the artwork, I am responsible for the masters, mixing, music and administration. Once a year we release an EP we recorded together in the studio. We release solo EPs and we are open to new producers. In 2020 we released the EP by La Giang, well-known from electro-pop group Kamp!

BB: What is your most treasured tool in the studio and what is so good about it?

O: I have my favourite synth which is Arp Odyssey. There are no presets and it requires more creativity from me than other synths. It has its own specific sound that is great for bass, lead lines, arps and effects. You will find it in many of my compositions.

BB: What hopes, dreams and goals do you have for 2021 and beyond?

O: I would like to release my music on reputable labels, thanks to which more people will get to know my music. I want to develop my unique style, release it on Remodel Records and build a brand. Most of all, I want to keep having the pleasure of creating, learning and doing some very nice shows.

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