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BBBoiler Welcomes Umut Sezgin

BBBoiler Welcomes Umut Sezgin, a Turkish DJ and producer creating progressive and melodic techno. His music has been released on labels like Duenia, Laika Sounds, Rabbit Records, Trip & Dream and more. Below is the interview with Umut Sezgin - read more about his inspirations and plans for future.

About Umut Sezgin: I am a person struggling against difficulties of life to make music. I'm from Turkey and currently living in Istanbul.

Blanka Barbara: According to Beatport, you’ve started your music career in Hip-Hop. When did you start producing music and why did your style shift to melodic techno?

Umut Sezgin: Yes, I actually started my music career in 2007 singing rap. Since I could not find the type of beat that I liked at that time, I wanted to make the beat myself and my production career started. As I got older, I started to encounter house and techno music a lot in clubs and I officially fell in love with electronic music. Over time, I changed my style and started making electronic music.

BB: Did you have any musical idols when you were growing up?

US: There are so many artists that I have been influenced by.

BB: What was your favourite track of yours released? Where did you find inspiration to create it and what defines your sound?

US: My favorite song hasn't been released yet, but for now, I like Captive the most. It was the first track of a two-song album that we prepared with Metebir. We prepared it inspired by a captive queen. A song that demands freedom. :)

BB: What is your most treasured tool in the studio and what is so good about it?

US: The most important thing in my studio is definitely my studio monitors. It is impossible to create a quality sound without good sense, so monitors are very valuable to me.

BB: Who would your dream collab be with?

US: I'd like to make an album with Innellea, Mind Against, Tale of Us, Aphex Twin, Four Tet, Bicep….

BB: What hopes, dreams and goals do you have for summer 2021 and further?

US: Frankly, my only expectation is to be able to return to the old normal and to be able to share my music with people and dance together again. Going forward, I want to make music with as many people around the world as possible.

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