Blanka Barbara wants you to experience her inexplicable electronic music world.


The UK-based artist is ready to share the deepest parts of herself and challenge her audience to do the same. She describes it as electronica and ambience with the touch of nature.


Blanka Barbara was experimenting with acoustic textures as well as synthesised sounds throughout her musical education. She was inspired by many cities she was based in: Birmingham, Warsaw, Berlin, Krakow. In each one she was rediscovering herself and electronic music anew. She finally arrived

to the point, where the music needed to be shared with public.


Her every performance is an enigmatic spectacle, with music and smoke crawling upon the audience from the colourful stage, opening their minds and letting their souls observe the inner trance of Blanka Barbara’s own emotions.

"Blanka Barbara is undoubtedly a talent to watch."

- Christopher Morley, Birmingham Post