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Particles - Blanka Barbara - Amabie.JPG
Artist: Blanka Barbara
Title: Amabie
 Juan Deminicis, Michael A
Release Date: 29/10/2021
Label: Particles
Catalogue: PSI2116
Format: Digital Download

A relative newcomer to the progressive and melodic house scene, Blanka Barbara makes her Particles debut with the twin-track "Amabie". Polish-born but London based, Blanka has already carved out a growing reputation with a slew of releases on the likes of Duenia, Mango Alley and her own Rabbit Records. As comfortable behind the decks as she is making music, her monthly "BBHour" on Point Blank Radio and "BBBoiler Welcomes" on Data Transmission Radio, have afforded her the opportunity to create a new platform to showcase her growing skillset as DJ, interviewer and producer. Blanka Barbara's opening salvo on Particles finds "Amabie" a driving gem, fuelled by rolling bassline groove and heavy beat. Referencing a mythical Japanese mermaid, searing melodic flourishes sit across the mid-range as they cut through the mix with laser precision. Textured pads add to the atmosphere as a stripped back breakdown paves the way for a club-friendly second half where rhythm and melody combine to powerful effect. "The Black Lagoon" continues the rich melodic narrative as a filtered motif wends its way across the 8-minute piece. Anchored by deep, resonant beat and off-beat percussion, a seismic bassline adds weight aplenty in an evolving, multi-faceted soundscape track of pure emotion that rises from subterranean depths to a paradise from whence no one can return.

Juan Deminicis is no stranger to the Proton Music catalogue. A regular since 2012 with a quarter-century of remix and original production material, the Argentinean has sparkled with such celebrated releases as 2013's "Behind the Sun", 2019's "Life on the Moon", 2020's "Synchronicity" and July 2021's "Water /Rebellion". A clutch of remixes for GMJ, Michael A and Mark Slee have shone a spotlight on another side of Juan's production talent as he returns to remix Blanka Barbara. Taking on "The Black Lagoon", a trademark rolling groove and deep luscious soundscape filters to the fore as familiar melodies from the original flow across the stereo spectrum. A glorious syncopation of rhythm and melody follows before a new cadence opens up in the second half to mesmerising club-friendly glory as white-noise effects and sub bass complete the picture.

Another artist with a long Proton Music history is Michael A. Prolific and talented, the Belarusian's work has seen almost a half-century of credits grace the label, not least in a raft of original EPs that began with 2017's "Bright Hope" and have since included another 5 original releases. September 2020 saw the beginning of a new chapter as the "Fantasy" series took shape, now about to enter its third instalment. Remixes for James Warren, James Monro and Pole Folder have also lit up the Michael A portfolio as he now remixes "Amabie" with typical aplomb. A rich bassline and shaker-driven percussive line create an immediate groove while a new chord progression and familiar elements from the original create a stunning new vibe. The scorching lead line from the original adds to the sonic collage at the mid-point as the second half explodes in a striking combination of rhythmic force and melodic character.

With a silky flow, Blanka Barbara's "Amabie" swims in elegant fashion, escorted by remixes from Juan Deminicis and Michael A.

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