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Blanka Barbara Amsterdam Diamond LSA011.
Artist: Blanka Barbara
Title: Amsterdam Diamond EP
Remixer: Samantha Togni
Release Date: 26/02/2021
Label: LSA Records
Catalogue: LSA011
Format: Digital Download


The "Amsterdam Diamond" EP by London-based producer Blanka Barbara raises the issue of blood diamonds and illustrates the heartbreak of people suffering from the consequences of serious human rights issues in Sierra Leone, Angola, Ivory Coast, Liberia. The main motif in the title track pierces us with its sharp unforgiving sound, waiting to strike at any moment in the break, and portrays the blood slowly dripping from those diamonds. "Sierra Leone" is a bittersweet melodic poem, a stifled outcry to people still suffering from brutal warfares, with a glimpse of hope that one day things will change for the better. "Butterfly of Peace" is a poem of mourning for the souls lost in the conflict, liberated from this world and soaring freely in heavens.

You can read the interview led by Buster Bennett with Blanka Barbara talking about "Amsterdam Diamond"  here.

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