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PORTAL 01- The New Shores.jpeg
Artist: Blanka Barbara
Title: Beacon of Hope
Release Date: 11/06/2021
Label: Rabbit Records
Catalogue: RR021VA
Format: Digital Download

Rabbit Records proudly presents our first Various Artists collection 'PORTAL 01 - The New Shores'.

This VA reflects our journey towards the new and unknown. Who knows what awaits us? We hear the whispering voices, which tell us we must start the engines now. All we have is a beacon of hope that in another galaxy there will be an answer, we need to start somewhere, with something… In our violet daydreams, we fear the dark abyss, but in our first moment of awakening we realise that in 8 minutes we will travel to Saturn and beyond...
As we approached Sagittarius A we knew the black holes were unforgiving, we transcended time and altered states of reality only to find ourselves in the deep blue… We felt the tender presence of our ethereal souls... "I saw her, I saw Andrómeda" - whispered one of us… The journey took us 28 years, we reached the destination and discovered the new shores, became wiser, found a new home. Our hearts are full, longing for the glorious time together in the new reality...

Back on Earth we are forever remembered as: ARP., Blanka Barbara, Remains of Silence, E:CHOES, Valen Frando, Odra, Javier Ho, Schelmanoff, 8 Hertz, DJ B (JO), A · Tonic, Lily Styx, Trash Prince, KYOOT, Baphömental, Umut Sezgin - The Rabbit Records Crew.

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