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Blanka Barbara - Beacon of Hope - artwork.jpeg
Artist: Blanka Barbara
Title: Beacon of Hope
Remixers: Marcelo Ignacio & Max Effe, Haen, Retroid

Release Date: 11/03/2022
Label: Rabbit Records
Catalogue: RR031
Format: Digital Download

"Beacon of Hope" is a single by the Rabbit Records founder, Blanka Barbara.

Here's what the producer herself tells us about the track: "The emotional content of the harmony was inspired by the sculpture of the same name, standing in Belfast. When I first saw her I was mesmerised; the globe at her feet hinted this incredible universal philosophy of peace, harmony, unity and thanksgiving, and has markings on its surface of the cities where the people of Belfast migrated to… Such a powerful, meaningful, yet fragile figure…"

Noted for her keen dancefloor vision, Blanka Barbara crafts one of her most memorable productions to date. Deep and powerful, melancholic and touching, its warm foundation is full of contour and character, while sweeping pads and pulsating rhythms build painful tension as the narrative takes shape. Neatly conjured percussion comes in waves, expertly layered chords and colourful bells lead the momentum towards the breaking point. The exquisitely layered harmonic tension reaches a triumphant apex immediately following the break, summoning the ultimate cathartic cry for groove for a heads-down finale.

Providing excellent and very different interpretations of the original are 4 producers hailing from different parts of the world, working within different genres of electronic music, viewing the original from contrasting angles, united by this unique EP release.

Connecting their minds to conjure a new joined version are Marcelo Ignacio and Max Effe. The Russian producers focus on the positivity the message of the original sends to the world. A beautiful, deep yet light, melancholic yet carefree production is born. The main melody accompanied by intriguing swirling synths dominates the soundworld. Things get even more luminous in the wide atmosphere of the break, however, the beguiling groove does not leave us hanging for long.

The Indian progressive talent Haen creates an out-of-the-box rework, offering a completely nonpareil view. We find ourselves immediately catapulted into an otherworldly setting, where robotic drones and space synths alternate in a vast boundless sea to reach the celestial arpeggiator in the pause. Enchanting and mysterious across the main break, its flair for the dramatic grows, with the introduction of intriguing synths as the beats drop for a ravishing finale.

The final vision comes from the Hungarian mastermind, Retroid. With the producer's professional career spanning over two decades, Retroid chooses to stay true to the tone of the original. He goes deeper and more emotive across a magical seven-minute journey. Whimsical arpeggiators blanket a billowing groove as wispy effects and relentless breakbeat percussion add colour and drive. The final remix is a mystical journey surrounded by focused sounds to reach the main melody that, like a lantern in the dark, will guide us to a powerful emotional drop where it will be impossible not to dance.

'Beacon of Hope [Remixes]' is a gorgeous, hopeful and truly unique EP offering a varied view on the same subject - unity and peace.

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