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Heaven's Promise - artwork (3000x3000).j
Artist: Blanka Barbara
Title: Heaven's Promise
Remixers: Julien Vertigo, Phaker, Zaria 
Release Date: 24/07/2020
Label: Rabbit Records
Catalogue: RR013D
Format: Digital Download


Blanka Barbara delivers an original version of “Heaven’s Promise” along with a punchy Progressive Techno rendition. Like yin & yang, the two versions are polar opposites – the original being positive and white, trance-like elation, promising a wonderful future in the bliss of heavenly light; and the featured “Witching Hour Rendition” being the darker, night-time version, capturing the feeling of being lost in the woods and trying to escape the nightmares that follow you.

For this exceptional release, Blanka Barbara has invited super-talented remixers to work on the original, to take it apart and give it a special twist: Julien Vertigo, Phaker and Zaria.

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