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BBBoiler Welcomes Guarino

BBBoiler Welcomes Guarino - Spanish DJ, master of vinyl with 22 years behind the decks. He shared a DJ booth with artists like Rrose, Dimi Angelis, Rec Overflow, Groof, and many more. Listen to the special 1-hour guestmix created by Guarino for BBBoiler - a truly creative musical journey - and read more about the artist's background.

Blanka Barbara: You spent more than 20 years behind the decks. What where your beginnings in electronic music and how did you become a DJ?

Guarino: I started DJing with a Hi-Fi, mixing with two tapes and a turntable switching between

phono and tape selector using it as a crossfader at the age of 16. Then I went to work with my father in order to buy a pair of Technics and a mixer in 1998.

This is when the obsession started! 😊

BB: Whenever I watch your livestreams, you mostly play on vinyl. Why is that your most favourite audio format for DJing?

G: It’s the only way that I feel the beat - touching it. Over the years, having neither achieved fame, nor wanted it, nor played in millions of sites, you become more of a collector than a DJ. I do believe the best way to collect music is in physical format.

BB: You are part of Kintsugi collective, which delivers very creative podcasts. What is the core philosophy behind Kintsugi?

G: Getting broken crews together and coming together thanks to music to create something beautiful, is similar to the gold that joins the broken bits.

BB: Which DJ would you like to swap places with for one day if you were given a chance?

G: When I was young, at the start, I would have swapped places with Oscar Mulero or Jeff Mills, who were role models for me.

Right now, and after many years, I’d say myself. Being my true self is the only thing that makes me feel good. Just a club with 50-100 people, 3 plates, 1 mixer, lots of vinyls and good sound. I am happy just with that.

BB: You delivered a stunning mix for BBBoiler. What is the story behind it?

G: Lately, I’ve been reading a lot about Terence McKennam ethnobotanist and Psychonaut. I’ve been inspired to make a trippy mix, without any forbidden element, just with the music.

BB: What hopes, dreams and goals do you have for 2021 and further?

G: I want to be a good person, father, DJ and try to bring people together when this nightmare with COVID ends so we can dance, smile, hug and kiss each other to make sure we can be happy again.

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