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BBBoiler Welcomes Nakul C

BBBoiler Welcomes Nakul C - DJ and producer creating progressive house and melodic techno. Drawn to the synthesiser at an early age, Nakul has started honing his production skills in 2014. The versatile spectrum, that is house and techno, is where he made his footprint. Listen to this special 1-hour guestmix created by Nakul C for BBBoiler and read more about the artist's background.

About Nakul C: My name is Nakul C, I am a DJ, Producer from India, mostly merged with house and techno music.

Blanka Barbara: According to Beatport, you’ve had your music being released since 2019, but you’ve been impressively productive with almost 70 tracks released. How much time does it take you to produce just one track and where do you find inspiration to produce music?

Nakul C: For me making music is like Painting and Experimenting, I draw inspiration from People around me, music, sometimes events that happen around me.

For me I don’t have any fixed time to finish a Track – some tracks that I have made took me weeks as on the same place some tracks took me just a few hours to make it all depends on my mood and state of mind

BB: When did you start producing music and why did you choose progressive house/melodic techno?

N: I started learning producing in 2014, yes I have made a lot of progressive house/melodic techno tracks because really liked the vibe which they create on the dance floor.

BB: Which one of your tracks tells a story best and what’s it about?

N: I feel My Track Magus which is released on Viage tells the best story about itself.

BB: What is your most treasured tool in the studio and what is so good about it?

N: It is EQ for me, because it helps me shape my sounds a lot.

BB: Who would your dream collab be with?

N: It would be with D-Nox.

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