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Artist: Blanka Barbara & Mango
Title: Starwalk
Remixers: Haen, The Wash, Fabri Lopez

Release Date: 22/07/2021
Label: Mango Alley
Catalogue: ALLEY153
Format: Digital Download

Moscow and London combine in elite cosmopolitan splendour as Blanka Barbara and Mango's "Starwalk" shines brightly in the underground dance firmament. Shimmering synths light up a brightly coloured musical universe as they pitch and bend, while a cavernous kick and deeply felt bassline provide a warm and vibrant energy. Meanwhile, Fabri Lopez illuminates from the banks of the River Quinto with heady concoction of bassline prowess and percussive cadence. Familiar melodies ripple in the background amidst sonic splendour and resplendent new motifs.

Roaring into life, The Wash creates a new tension from the banks of the Danube. Glittering pianos sparkle against a densely textured Viennese swirl and powerful, fast-paced groove. Clouds of sound coalesce in new sonic patterns over familiar musical landscapes. The heart of Europe gives way to sprawling Maharashtra state where beauty and subtlety combine via the sound of Haen in a new "Starwalk". Evocative motifs shine brightly in an organic texture of ingenuity and native influences above a bassline and chord progression full of melancholic emotion.

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