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THRENODY artwork 3000x3000 2.jpg
Artist: Blanka Barbara
Title: Threnody (Original Mix)
Release Date: 23/09/2020
Label: Rabbit Records
Catalogue: RR014D
Format: Digital Download


An emotional poem created by Blanka Barbara deeply rooted in progressive house, a symbol of solidarity with the people of Belarus fighting for their freedom.

All proceeds and royalties generated by sales of “Threnody” will go to the people of Belarus via BY_Help. 

"I feel very emotional about this piece of music. It is a single track, created very spontaneously in one night in August. I dedicate Threnody to all my brothers and sisters in Belarus. They are being tortured, they lose their lives, their future, their loved ones in a fight with the regime.

I think I captured many emotions in Threnody - from soul-ache and misery to grief and dolefulness. I perceive this piece as a candle lit for all the heroes who stood up to the dictatorship and sacrificed their lives for freedom."

-- Blanka Barbara

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