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Artist: Blanka Barbara, Julien Vertigo
Title: Voice From Beyond EP
Release Date: 25/06/2021
Label: Uxoa Dutxa Elite
Catalogue: UXE239
Format: Digital Download

Uxoa Dutxa Elite welcomes UK-based producer Barbara Blanka and Swiss producer Julien Vertigo who on this time join their talents to create an impressive EP entitled Voices From Beyond that includes 4 original tracks and a remix by Di Rugerio giving as resulted in an explosive five-track release for this summer.

The EP begins with a set of spatial and ethereal melodies accompanied by a very dynamic drums with a touch of DandB as an excellent prelude to Voices From Beyond then gives the true beginning with a powerful Techno rhythm continuing with the atmospheres and sounds of analog synthesizers creating an excellent atmosphere and an incredible track.

The second track is Lights, which from the beginning has a very striking progressive rhythm that is accompanied by a beautiful melody played with Piano and synthesizers are slowly emerging that accompany it in the background, the first that is perceived goes with a hypnotic touch and the another carrying wonderful space atmospheres and so they play until they reach the bridge without the battery, creating a magnificent aesthetic effect with all the melodies gathered.

The third track is in charge of Di Rugerio doing a remix of Lights giving a twist to the original track to his own style providing a more dynamic and energetic touch for the dancefloor maintaining the melody of the piano and the atmospheres of the synthesizer with the inclusion of new riffs more aggressive and slightly acidic, managing to blend seamlessly with a classic melodic techno rhythm on drums and bassline. Without a doubt, a good reinterpretation of our label head.

The fourth track arrives with a deep emotion expressed through sublime synthesizer melodies that are wrapped with a calm and peaceful rhythm that takes you to a state of purity in the break where all the melodic sequences come together, an incredibly well designed track managing to express in sounds the word Melancholia.

To end the sound journey we have Escape, which is a more energetic track than its predecessor as it starts with a hypnotic bass line and a robust kick drum, as well as the rhythmic elements that accompany it and melodic synthesizer riffs that give entry to a well developed arpeggiated sequence that takes control making you escape out of reality and out of the crazy world we live in to take you to a place full of sonic magic, a track that makes a spectacular closure to this EP.

Without a doubt Blanka Barbara and Julien Vertigo have managed to impact us in a very positive way with their tracks in a unanimous way and we know that we will have more of them in the future in Uxoa Dutxa Elite.

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