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Artist: Blanka Barbara, Umut Sezgin
Title: Invocation EP
Release Date: 21/12/2020
Label: Duenia
Catalogue: D53
Format: Digital Download


Blanka Barbara, live act and owner of Rabbit Records, joins forces with Turkish producer and DJ expert Umut Sezgin to deliver a stunning two-track EP for Duenia - "Invocation EP". This project was incredibly socially distanced, with both artists staying put in their home studios this autumn on different sides of the European continent, exchanging ideas, working tirelessly to deliver two powerful numbers.

Both tracks have a strong narrative element, where the melodies take over the flow of music. Raw, powerful percussion helps the listener to not lose focus and get enchanted by the whirlpool of the producers' imaginary worlds. "Invocation" offers a tense melancholic idea in the lead synth, that repeats itself on and on, like a prayer. "Desert" boasts with its joyful motif in the strings, recreating the middle-eastern festive atmosphere."

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