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Artist: Blanka Barbara
Title: Winter Wonderland
Remixers: Odra, EZEK, Bodam Project
Release Date: 30/12/2020
Label: Rabbit Records
Catalogue: RR017D
Format: Digital Download


"This release truly feels like closing Gestalt of 2020, a whirlwind of emotional decisions, being affected by the outside world, the pandemic, digging deep within the self to find answers as a result, and afterwards giving it all to achieve what I've set for myself back in December 2019. What a year 2020 has been!

This special [Remixes] edition focuses on the art of escapism, hence the title 'Winter Wonderland'. The original was released in February 2020, the earliest melodic techno creation of mine which set the course towards the exploration of the mind.

I've invited three talented producers - Odra, EZEK, Bodam Project - to admire the imaginary soundscape of the title track and craft spectacular remixes, unique visions of the wintery niveous escape world. Each artist presents their distinctive vision of what that world might be - from EZEK's ethereal, covered in heavy snow melancholic view in A-minor, through Odra's hypnotic engaging reverie vision in C-major to the near-euphoric rollercoaster journey by Bodam Project. I am truly blessed to know these incredible artists and feel grateful for their openness to share their remarkable creativity on Rabbit Records"

-- Blanka Barbara

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